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Kick-Ass is Not Tough (Homework)

Kick-Ass is Not Tough (Homework)

Kick-Ass is Not Tough (Homework)

Well, being a writer (or just having it as your hobby) is great fun. The last few days I’ve had the arduous task of reading graphic novels in order to come up with an in-universe short comic. This is for the Millarworld Challenge which is asking writers to come up with a short story (around 4 or 5 pages) within the Mark Millar universe.

The options are:

  • KICK-ASS story set between Trades 1-3 (5 pages)
  • KINGSMAN story starring Eggsy/Gary (5 pages)
  • HIT-GIRL solo adventure set during the Kick Ass trades (4 pages)
  • STARLIGHT starring Young Duke McQueen on Tantalus (5 pages)
  • AMERICAN JESUS set during first trade (5 pages)
  • CHRONONAUTS set in the past, during first trade (4 pages)

So, having bought the Kick-Ass trades at the weekend (how much??!!) and also the Kingsman book, I’ve been working my way through them.

I’m part way through Kick-Ass 3 at the moment, and whilst it’s as violent as I thought it was, I’m enjoying the series. I’m leaning towards doing a Hit-Girl story, so need to buy the Hit-Girl trade (they didn’t have it!) so I can be sure I have the character down right, and am not duplicating any ideas.

Really, there can’t be any easier things to have to study for a competition than comics!

I’d encourage you all to enter – such chances in the writing industry are few, more so in the comics one!

Good luck and Kick-Ass!

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