Last Contact : Blog 5 : Plot

Last Contact : Blog 5 : Plot

So, you’ve got some funny characters and some funny lines; what’s next? Well, surprisingly I found, a bit of a plot. When I wanted to send the first episode out to production companies for consideration, I had to come up with what was actually going to happen in the rest of the series.

Looking back at my initial document, it seems I did write down the briefest of outlines for each of the six episodes, but it wasn’t anything I could distribute; not unless I wanted them to realise how unorganised I actually was.

So, I created another document which loosely followed those initial ideas, and expanded on them with what I knew about the first episode. Reading them back now, I’m quite surprised to see that I’ve probably incorporated over 50% of the ideas there.

One of the basic premises for Last Contact, is that it’s a little bit like organised chaos; I’d probably go so far to say that its unorganised chaos, but that would just be chaos, and that lacks something of a punch in the delivery.

So, plotting organised chaos is a little tricky. I would hardly know what was going to be said in the next line, let alone page or scene. Some things came together very well. And other elements I created in the latter episodes, I would retrofit into the earlier episodes.

That being said, Episode One is surprisingly close to how it was first written, surprisingly. And it ends exactly how I planned it to end from the beginning.

It was just the bit in the middle that I wasn’t sure about.