Last Contact : Blog 3 : Props

Last Contact : Blog 3 : Props

By the tender age of 42 I should have learnt never to work with children, animals or props. Especially props. Especially when I have to find each and every one of them. Especially when one of them is a full suit of armour. And a very large key. And a surfboard.

My word, a surfboard! What was I thinking?

Thankfully, the internet had been invented by the time I had to find them (doubly thankful as that’s how I intend to distribute said sitcom), so it was only a matter of (endless, mind-numbing) weeks to Google them all to my front door.

All 120+ of them.

But now I’ve got them, I suppose it’s fair to say that they’re the only tangible part of Last Contact I have for the time being, so being able to see and touch them makes the whole process all the more real.

But if you ever think about writing a sitcom, maybe you should sit yourself down and give yourself a jolly good talking to first (preferably out of view and earshot of anyone else) and remind yourself that props, whilst they may be great on the page, actually have to come from somewhere, and preferably somewhere close (not America, in the case of the large key).

All that’s left to do now is to make or buy the small things, the easy things. Oh, and find a decent sized van to move them all to the location in…