Last Contact : Blog 12 : The Pilot

Last Contact : Blog 12 : The Pilot

So, it’s now June 2013, three months since we filmed the show. A lot of things have happened, but it’s that duck legs paddling furiously metaphor time, with very little having changed on the surface.

The editor is sending me updates regarding episode 1, and we’re hoping to get a rough cut of the whole episode over the next few days. This has to be okayed, and then the sound and the picture will be worked on. I hope that these won’t take too long, and that they’ll be a pilot episode ready by the end of June.

This means it will have taken a month or so for one episode, which is fine, but it does present me with a problem.

What to do with the first episode (ie. the pilot)?

I’d really like to get it out there as and when it’s ready, but ideally I should wait until we have the majority of the episodes completed before beginning to show them. But I’m just not that patient. Also, having the pilot episode out there may garner more interest for the rest of the series.

I really appreciate the amount of support that people (cast, crew, supporters) have given, and I really want to reward them for that.

But, if there’s a couple of month gap before we show the remaining episodes, will that be a problem?

Hmmm, what do you think?