Hearts in the Sky

Hearts in the Sky

I threw her my heart,
just threw it hard as I could,
and like a lantern
caught in the breeze,
it was taken away.

This heart, no longer mine,
up in the air
yet not so noticeable.
And the days,
sometimes they took it far away,
and others nearer than I dared to think,
or look;
or let myself imagine.

Look up,
there are hearts in the sky all the time…

Then one stormy night,
I told her what I’d done
so she wouldn’t be afraid,
should she look up,
see it silhouetted in the moon.

And for the longest time I thought it lost,
a dream, a silly dream,
and I acted so;
acted so it hurt;
so it hurt to smile.

But love is a funny thing,
a powerful, funny thing,
that one day isn’t there,
and one day is,
like a lantern in the sky.
And have you ever heard the story,
of the girl who dared look up
lift her arms, and
like a fairytale
hold a heart so close?

Let me whisper this…

If hearts are to be caught,
they have to be thrown,
thrown as hard and fast as they can,
and if this is done, if they catch on chaotic winds,
they stand the smallest chance
the slightest chance.

But, of course, this smallest,
slightest chance,
is sometimes all they need.