10 things you can’t help doing even after leaving your technology at home

10 things you can’t help doing even after leaving your technology at home

10 things you can’t help doing even after leaving your technology at home

We’ve all done it, got to work, or the train, or wherever, and realise you left the tech at home, sitting on the side, or next to the bed! So, why do we keep on doing stuff related to it? Take a look at our “10 things you can’t help doing even after leaving your technology at home”, and relate!

1. Wonder whether you’re near a WiFi hotspot


Are you still looking at random windows hoping to see a WiFi hotspot sticker? Ask yourself this; why? Because I’ve got some bad news, humans without technology don’t need WiFi.

2. Retrieve headphones to block out other people


There’s a reason headphones were invented… to block out the crazies… but without the technology, wearing them makes you one of the crazies…

3. Feel your pocket vibrate


There’s some sort of rapid evolution (radiation) going on, because with or without your phone, your leg picks up those messaging vibrations.

4. Subliminally search for power points everywhere you go


This is like a ninja art nowadays… the moment you walk into a room, you are aware of every single outlet on the wall… but now what can you use it for? That’s right. Nothing.

5. Keep plugging the charger in


Muscle memory at its most devilish! Why do you keep plugging the charger in? It won’t make the technology appear? Fool.

6. See something that would have made a great picture


Spot an insanely funny moment you just wish you could share with everyone? Oh, well. Chances are people won’t notice it in the sea of cat photos or George Takei updates!

7. Think of five people you really need to speak to


Normally you wouldn’t ring anyone, right? But now you can’t ring them, some weird piece of DNA programming is demanding you speak to them immediately. I’m afraid only close proximity can help you now.

8. Have an urge to listen to your audio book or read a Kindle book


Yeah, you just got to that point in the book and you were really looking forward to keeping going… and what’s that? Someone else is talking about it near you… quick, grab the headphones! Oh no! You can’t use them either! (see 2 above)

9. Plan out your next move in an on-line game


Got a great move you were desperate to put into play today? Oh, well, by tonight, someone will have plundered all your resources, and you’ll be back at square one!

10. Realise the world is truly a beautiful place


Yeah, the world is beautiful – with sunsets you can’t photograph, and incidents you can’t tweet about. Best you just appreciate them with your own eyes!

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