Last Contact : Blog 1 : Names

Last Contact : Blog 1 : Names

‘Last Contact’ was simply called ‘Harry’ before it was called ‘Last Contact’. And before it was ‘Harry’, it was called “Sitcom about someone who has had their project funding pulled…”, and, in fact, still is in the mess which makes up my Google Drive folder structure.

It’s odd, because usually I’m quite good at coming up with a great title for a project, only to find it far more difficult to recruit any decent words worthy enough to be attached to it afterwards.

But maybe that’s why I like Last Contact so much.

To say Last Contact was written is a bit of a misnomer. The first episode was actually pieced together (and not very carefully, at that) from a series of stupid/absurd dialogues I’d written over the course of about a month.

I can’t remember exactly what the first lines of it I wrote were, but looking at the Drive document, it’s probable it’s the one shown below, which is good because it’s one of my favourites.

"Didn't we have some chickens, once? Where did they go?"
 The team all look upwards.
 "What, you mean, abducted?"
 "No, they just went upstairs. More space; you know what chickens are like."

As you can see, there were no names at this stage of writing, and at times it’s only at the point of transferring them into a script that I decide exactly who does say them; and then I change that a couple of times until it works.

I can’t tell you where the names of the characters originated from. Usually this is a process of working out the probably age of the character, and then going onto a naming website and seeing what sort of things were popular in the year of their calculated birth. It’s not rocket science. It’s maths. And maths is something I do have a qualification in.