Brownian Emotions

Nov 28, 2011 by

Brownian Emotions

Brownian Emotions

The rain plays with
subtle drops
above distracted minds;
the cars pass close
the windows up
the onlookers; out-lookers
refocusing in-between each swish
No children half wearing rain coats,
stepping over cracks,
to break their bubble,
holidays have kept them inside
leaving just the walkers,
quiet, not so quiet.

Work is forward,
homes behind,
but here in the middle
anything can happen.
a few hundred million,
bustling, jiggling,
Brownian emotions,
waiting for the first move,
whose move?
I pass before the resolution,
the swish of the wipers
wiping their image,
maybe it was nothing,
maybe it’s just the rain
on the window…

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